Alex Napoli (Alexandre Napoli Costa):

-CEO/CTO (Sandaero - Santos Dumont Aerosystems / www.sandaero.com )
-President (Globocean - Global Ocean Aerospace Federation / www.globocean.org )
-Founder / Coordinator (UNIG - Global Incubator Universities / www.unig.org )
-Founder / Coordinator (Globolsa - Global Direct Exchange / www.globolsa.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (Mesistem - Global Mobile Medical System / www.mesistem.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (Jusistem - Global Mobile Judicial System / www.jusistem.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (MicroMultiFlex - Modular Infrastucture / www.MicroMultiFlex.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (Universe Materials Recyclable, Renewable and New Materials / www.UniverseMaterials.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (Direct Democracy United Nations - Movement, Party, Government and Enterprises / www.ddun.org )
-Founder / Coordinator (Direct Democracy Brazil - Movement, Party, Government and Enterprises / www.DemocraciaDireta.org )
-Founder / Coordinator (Turisistem - Tourism and Real Estate Development / www.turisistem.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (Praia Surf Club - Real Virtual Network / www.PraiaSurfClub.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (FuteArte - Arena-Shopping, Reality-Show and Football-Club / www.FuteArte.com )
-Founder / Coordinator (Scriptsurfer Entertainment - Free Sponsored Entertainment / www.scriptsurfer.com )
-Writer-director-producer (Scriptsurfer Entertainment / www.scriptsurfer.com )
(9 Feature Film Scripts, 4 Novels, 5 Stories, 8 Reality Shows, 9 Concepts written and counting)
-Doctor in Art, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (UNIG, Global Incubator Universities, Innovative Start-up Areas: Aerospace, Energy, Communication, Navigation, Construction, Sanitation, Health, Justice, Government, Finance, Education, Real Estate, Entertainment, Tourism and Sport)
(Thesis 1: Multicopter-Rocket Aerospaceship and Energy, Communication, Navigation, Defense Global Laser Network - www.sandaero.com),
(Thesis 2: Atomic-Cosmic Quantum System and Universal Quantum Network at Faster-Than-Light Gravitonic Speed- www.sandaero.com)
(Thesis 3: Permanent Life Paradigm, Protocol and Products: Permanent Life Module, Exosuit/SuperSkin and Microlab/SuperCell - www.mesistem.com)
(Thesis 4: Judicial System with Proof of Damage, Premeditation and Danger to Obtain Restitution, Fine and Home Arrest- www.jusistem.com)
(Thesis 5: Government and Economy without Poverty, Taxation, Laws and Labor - www.globocean.org / www.globolsa.com)
-Master in Economics (UFRJ, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
(Industrial and Technological Economics / Institutional Post-Keynesian Economics )
(Thesis: Post-Keynesian Institutional Economic Analysis: Spending Decision Strategies and Systems - www.unig.org) (Oral Defense Pending)
-Bachelor in Economics (UFMG, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
(Monograph - Foreign Enterprises and the National Economy)
-Bachelor in Administration (UFMG, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
(Paid Internship - Mannesmann S/A - Steel Tubes Steelworks)
(Thesis: Business Dynamic Plan: www.unig.org)
-Certificate of the Professional Program in Screenwriting (UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles, USA, School of Theater, Film and Television)
(2 feature films written: Time Dimension and Dangerous Sky)
(Thesis: Art and Technique of Scripts: www.unig.org)
-Certificate of Proficiency in English (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)
(Administrative Assistance: Lynn and Ron English: www.lynnandron.com)
-Fluent English/Portuguese (American-Brazilian Dual Citizenship / American Mother - Brazilian Father)
FuteArte GDDE
(Global Direct Democracy of Entrepreneurs)
Email: futearte (arroba) futearte (dot) com
Twitter: @futebolarteclube
Alex Napoli
Founder-Coordinator / Manager (Manager-Coach-Agent)
alexnapoli (arroba) futearte . com
skype: AlexNapoli2000
Globocean - Global Ocean Aerospace Federation
South Atlantic - Suite 10 - Ship 1 - Doc 1 - North Port - Platform 1
Rio Ocity - 400 Km Offshore Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazil

Rua Tomas Gonzaga 802 #704 Lourdes
Belo Horizonte MG BRASIL 30180-140

Globocean - Global Ocean Aerospace Federation
North Atlantic - Suite 10 - Ship 1 - Doc 1 - North Port - Platform 1
NY Ocity - 400 Km Offshore New York City NY USA

10 West End Ave # 29A Manhattan
New York NY USA 10023-7809